PH.D. IN ENGINEERING Department Of Systems And Control Engineering, University Of Malta

Dissertation entitled, Eye-Gaze Tracking by Video-based Joint Head and Eye Pose Estimation.

Motivated by an increasing interest in tracking the human eye movements within unconstrained daily-life conditions, the research work carried out during this Ph.D. aimed to address several of the main challenges associated with this field of interest. Specifically, this research work developed novel algorithms for eye-gaze tracking by joint head and eye pose estimation, under non-rigid face movement, from low-resolution eye images captured by a consumer-grade camera under ambient illumination alone. Eye-gaze tracking technology has been experiencing an increasing uptake by a host of applications, such as for human-computer interaction where the eye movements provide an alternative computer input modality for persons with physical disabilities.
M.SC. IN ENGINEERING (BY RESEARCH) Department Of Systems And Control Engineering, University Of Malta
OCTOBER 2008 – MARCH 2010 Dissertation entitled, Fusion of Stereo Image Data from Multiple Views for 3D Data Acquisition.

The research work carried out during this M.Sc. developed novel algorithms to model a person’s head in 3-dimensional space, from image data captured by a low-cost multiple-stereo camera setup. Specifically, this research work focused on the investigation of data fusion algorithms that could exploit the data redundancy from multiple cameras to reduce occlusions and improve depth accuracy. Furthermore, techniques which permit an improvement in reconstruction resolution were also studied in order to obtain a reliable high-resolution 3-dimensional reconstruction of the person’s head.
BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONS) Electrical Stream, University Of Malta
OCTOBER 2004 – JULY 2008 Dissertation entitled, Tracking of Single Eye Gaze under Stationary Head Conditions for Mouse Cursor Control.

The research work carried out during the final year concerned the development and implementation of eye-gaze tracking algorithms for human-computer interaction, in order to provide an alternative computer input modality for persons with physical disabilities that may not otherwise use the mouse and keyboard.


Language Skills

Maltese (Mother Language):
Excellent knowledge, spoken and written.

Excellent knowledge, spoken and written.

Good knowledge.

Basic knowledge.

Computer Skills

In-depth knowledge of MATLAB.
Very good knowledge of C and OpenCV.

Basic knowledge of Java and web-related languages
such as HTML and CSS.

Good knowledge of IBM SPSS,
LaTeX, and the Microsoft Office Suite.

Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop,
Illustrator, and InDesign.

Academic Contributions

International Workshop
On Assistive Computer Vision & Robotics

Regular reviewer for the International Workshop on Assistive Computer Vision and Robotics (ACVR)

The ACM Symposium On Document Engineering

Program co-chair of the 17th ACM Symposium on Document Engineering (DocEng) 2017.

Academic Contributions

Malta Group Of Professional Engineering Institutions

Hon. Secretary of the Malta Group of Professional Engineering Institutions (MGPEI), from November 2014 to present.

Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers Student Branch

Vice-Chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Branch at the University of Malta, for the academic year 2008/09.